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A message from our principal...

Hello Neutra Students and Parents!

Welcome to the new school year!  We are all looking forward to an exciting and wonderful year of providing an outstanding educational experience for your child. Our staff at Neutra takes great pride in our commitment to provide a rigorous and challenging standards-based curriculum to all our students. We believe every child can achieve academic success and we value families as partners in that endeavor.

Our Neutra teachers and staff also want every student to have a positive learning experience by feeling connected to our school community. We have an activity-filled year ahead with plenty of opportunities to engage and involve everyone. We strive to provide a school environment where students feel safe and have a sense of belonging. 

This school year Neutra’s goal is to Ensure Learning for All.  We will work to meet this goal by utilizing our ExCEL reading block and our Team Time math block.  With both ExCEL and Team Time, learning targets are identified for each individual student and students receive specific instruction based on their learning needs for specific standards.  This year we will also continue to have a focus on modeling and teaching what it means to have a Growth Mindset. 

I look forward to continuing to get to know all the families of Neutra as we work together to make this a wonderful school year.

Courtney Kirchman, Principal

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R.J. Neutra School's mission is, “Move into the future, but treasure our heritage.” With this as our mission, we have made a commitment to provide the best educational program possible for our students. The excellent quality of our program is a reflection of our highly committed staff.

The staff, in partnership with parents, will work toward effectively preparing our children to live in the world as it will exist in the future. We believe that much of the work our children will do in the twenty-first century is not yet determined. We strive, therefore, to prepare children to be lifelong learners, to think critically, to be problem solvers, and to learn from past experiences. The staff and parents envision Neutra School as a place of growth for the total child: intellectual, emotional, social, ethical, and physical. Our school is where individual needs are recognized so that every student may experience success within an atmosphere of warmth, mutual respect, and caring. We monitor, adjust, and thus increase student achievement.

We renew this commitment yearly in hopes that together, we will continue to improve our effectiveness in edifying students of today, preparing them to become productive citizens of tomorrow. It is in light of this fact, that we welcome any suggestions, ideas, or comments you may have. Parents can contact us at 998-6823 or through our home page address www.neutra.central.k12.ca.us.